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The Crazy Gang

- Come find us at Sunnyfield House in Guisbrough from 7:30pm

Welcome to IPMS Cleveland

Who we are (we think)

IPMS Cleveland was founded by a group of keen modellers to provide a club or safe haven for those with an active interest in scale modelling, who live in Teesside and surrounding areas.

Generally at the meetings some of our members will bring along models they are either working on or have recently finished, we even have our professional photographer do photoshoots every other month. Other members are always happy to offer help and advice, and we even provide spare parts, books or decals when members have what someone is after!

If you would like to get in touch with us for more information about the club drop us an email at (email to go in)

Our Skill Areas


Meet the Club

Members of the IPMS Cleveland club with over 15 members on a good day at model shows

Always listen to the boss in the club. Sometimes turns into Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket

DaveBranch Secretary

Appointed Branch Secretary in 2016 and since he is the boss we listen and vote.

The Deathscythe piloted by Duo Maxwell, also by me if the are ever perfected

Loganzaraki BAWeb Master & Gundam Enthusiast

continuously updates and maintains the website when not building Gundam model kits or on the PS4 #winning

The money is safe in this chest once we close it


Recently appointed Treasurer for the club and we wait to see when his fabulous diorama will be finished.

Captain Phasma artwork by TangoFox

TangoFoxIDF SIG Leader

TangoFox or Gavin, is the IDF SIG Leader and part time artist when he has free time.

Club Photographer with on his models


A wizard of photography and photoshop, he produces the images for our amazing gallery.

British Infantry during the war in Africa

BlueFalconFigure Painter & Writer

BlueFalcon is a professional at painting figures and writes for various magazines in his spare time.

The Tornado from 11th squadron, there ain't no better sqaudron

AndyTornado SIG Leader

Andy is the Tornado SIG Leader and is always working on a Tornado no matter the scale, sadly they are now all on the scrap pile.

John Tates tank that was in the competition last year

John MBEFormer Glorious Leader

Having been overthrown as club sec, IDF SIG, UKCAF and Leopard SIG he now has more time for modelling

The mustang from the American Airforce

GrahamDeputy Club Secretary

In the event of the secretary being unavailable we take Graham out of his box and dust him off.

Terry is our precious travel rep

TerryTravel Rep

Terry is the transport & accomodation guy, he gets everything sorted a year in advance, although he is useful if you're doing something german.

The art of caligraphy is lost on mark who still doesn't use anything technological

MarkSci-Fi Model Maker

For a Sci-Fi nerd we are not entirely sure how Mark copes in the 21st centrury, we think he still uses paper and a quill.

Hugie is always wearing his hat, he promised me it

Hughie"Indiana Jones" Lookalike

Ever present at the shows we visit. Hughie loves whipping out his "Litte Tank".

The greatest driver in the world, yeah right he is always breaking models

IanExpert Driver

Some say that Ian is an expert driver, but I think the models in the car would have to disagree with this statement.

Always has stories to tell regaurding the RAF

RoyRAF Knowladge Base

Are you building something from the Royal Air Force and want some history, talk to Roy, plenty of stories to share.

 Captain Scarlet is still fantastic, but Alan needs to stop with big kits

Alan (Big Al)The Large Modeller

Big Al produces some rather large kits, great for clearing an area out too, but bring a gas mask.

Barney Rubble, he is the bag man of the club, have no fear models are safe with him

BarneyBag Man

He wears his feet out transporting our models to the Nationals each year. We give him beer upon arrival.

Harry the Sweedish bartender, not really Sweedish but that is all he builds


Every hour is happy hour at Harry's Bar.

Chuck Norris gives IPMS Cleveland a big thumbs up.

MartinChuck Norris

Chuck Norris gives IPMS Cleveland a big thumbs up.

Colin is mean with a paintball gun.

ColinThe Paintballer

Colin is new to the hobby and he is as deadly with a glue gun as he is with a paintball gun.

Mick is the clubs native indian

MickNative Indian

Mick is part of the Indian tribe known as the Satnavaho so he always knows how to get to model shows.

As the third Alan of the club, he has recently returned to his Northern homeland and is known to us all as Alan the Third.

AlanSmall Car

He likes driving in his car, it's Smart but not a Jaguar.

Paul is currently the newbie of the group


Paul is our newest club member and has escaped the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham, we think he may be Robin Hood.

Dave Clark known by most as mini Dave

DaveDave Clark 5

Before joining the club he was in "Bits and Pieces" and now he is feeling "Glad all over"

Arturo is our Mexican Cabellero

ArturoMexican Cabellero

Arriba Arriba, Andale Andale, Arturo is jetting off again...sufferin succotash

Birds, Dogs, Models, Alan loves them all.

AlanBird Nerd

Birds, Dogs, Models, Alan loves them all.

Well on his way to being a Captain "Hail Hydra!"


Well on his way to being a Captain "Hail Hydra!"

Plastic Model or do not Plastic Model there is no Railway Modelling

DaveJedi Knight Yoda

Plastic Model or do not Plastic Model there is no Railway Modelling

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea "CAPTAIN BLUE SQUAREPANTS"

IanCaptain Blue

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea "CAPTAIN BLUE SQUAREPANTS"

Rarely in the country, hardly ever seen, he"s our International Man of Mystery.

DaveInternational Man of Mystery

Rarely in the country, hardly ever seen, he's our International Man of Mystery.

Muppets of IPMS Cleveland on tour

Club SIGs


Email: Gav Snowdon

The IDF SIG scope of interest covers all types of equipment, from all the branches that make up the IDF, throughout its history. The SIG displays at Scale ModelWorld and other regional shows throughout the year. To become a member of the SIG, all you need to be is a paid-up member of the IPMS. Contact me via the e-mail address above with your IPMS membership number. The SIG will display at Scale ModelWorld and other regional shows throughout the year.

UK and Commonwealth Armed Forces

Email: Graham Bullock

The United Kingdom and Commonwealth Armed Forces (UKCAF) SIG has been set up to cover from the foundation of the “Modern Commonwealth” in 1949 to the present day. Subjects from any of the 53 member nations security forces can be included. To join all you need to be is a paid up member of the IPMS. Contact me via the e-mail address above The SIG displays at Scale ModelWorld and at regional shows through out the year.

Tornado SIG

Email: Tonka

The International Plastic Modellers Society (IPMS) Panavia Tornado Special Interest Group (SIG). A place to find scale model kit reviews, reference information, photos, up-to-date Tornado news and Tornado modelling news and a place to meet and chat with fellow Tonka fans. A group for scale model makers of all abilities with an interest in the Panavia Tornado.

Star Wars SIG

Email: Gav Snowdon

The newly formed Star Wars SIG was launched to make the most of the massive interest in this unstoppable juggernaut of a movie franchise as well as the hundreds of kits dedicated to the subject. Forty years on from the original film and the fanbase is as big as ever and the new trilogy will only increase this. The SIG will show at the IPMS Nationals in Telford. So sign up and May the Force be with you. Always.

Leopard SIG

Email: Hugh Darroch

A group for like minded people interested in the Leopard MBT/ARV used by various natioins throughout the world. These tanks are very important in the overall history of military vehicles and have been woefully neglected by the plastic model industry.

Where We Are

Sunnyfield House, 36 Westgate, TS14 6BA, Guisbrough, for those who would like to visit out club

Meeting Details

Meeting are held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at Sunnyfield House in Guisbrough. They are held from 19:30 until 21:30 although they are usually followed by a short visit to a local public house (that is pub before someone gets the wrong idea)

Sunnyfield House
36 Westgate
TS14 6BA

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